Lighting up your point of view


Hi, my name is Helen Kallou Gerolemou, based in Georgia, USA I am the Inventor of The Eyeglass Light and the CEO of HKG Innovations.


Two years ago I stumbled upon a vision about the Eyeglass Light and it wouldn't let go so I went with it and here I am. I decided to get the idea manufactured. An LED light that would help glasses wearers to see better in low lit situations. I did not want just any LED light. I wanted one that attaches firmly onto the sides (temples) of  most glasses, prescription glasses and safety glasses.  Is easy to attach without marking the eyeglass frame; it had to be lightweight (less than 20 grams) so to not feel heavy to the user; and finally, as an added feature, a flexible arm to firmly point the light beam to exactly where the user wants it.


I travelled to China to find a manufacturer. Once sourced, and the design approved, patents applied for ..  production of the light was soon underway. The Eyeglass Light was a reality and launched in November 2011.


This is when through a little marketing we found a UK distributor to help spread the light. Kontrolsports UK are now the distributors of The Eyeglass Light in Europe through this site.

For You!

So, if you are one of those people who needs a reading light for bed at night but do not want to disturb your partner with the mains light then The Eyeglass Light is for you; if you need a hands free light for your hobby, craft making, jewellery  making virtually any close work then we have the answer; or what about those of you who need that extra light for DIY projects? The Eyeglass Light makes for a great DIY light because you can use both hands. In dark corners or where the Electrician needs to turn the electric off this little light is ideal. The same goes for Map reading, Cycling, Sewing and if you are a Mechanic, using both hands and seeing with enough light is key. There are so many LED lights out there and some are better then others, for sure. The Eyeglass Light was designed for people who wear glasses and is a universal fit whether prescription, readers, Goggles or Safety Glasses. The Eyeglass Light attaches to the side of your glasses (temples) and with a click of a button, sheds a bright, illuminating light onto whatever you are focused on. The LED bulb is recessed so to not be obstructed by light peripherally. It's lightweight and fits most all frames. It will soon become the glasses wearers best friend.


We believe in shedding light on your point of view.

Patented in 2015 No. 9004711

The Eyeglass Light

The Eyeglass Light

The Eyeglass Light